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Skip & Moonstone White

Hi there!  We are Skip and Moonstone White,  Emerald Coast Designs.  You probably found our site after visiting with us in person at a recent art, craft or seafood festival.  You  may have spoken with Skip about designing a custom piece, either using one of our gemstones or one you may have acquired in the past.

We’ve arranged our site to give you the opportunity to view our various jewelry designs at your leisure.  Our inventory varies quickly because we do shows full-time, so rather than try to keep every item up to date on our website, we show you the range of ring designs we are creating at this time.  The pieces shown may or may not still be available but in many cases, we can adapt the setting with a different stone or stones, sometimes closely matching the original one.

We feature different ring styles on separate pages, shown set with a variety of gems.  This should give you a pretty good idea of how a ring will look finished with the kind of gem you want and in the style you like best.

We size all our rings to fit at no extra charge.  Don’t know your ring size?  Here’s a quick way to find out: wrap a piece of white or light-colored thread snugly (but not too tight – metal doesn’t stretch!) around the thickest part of the finger you want to wear the ring on.  Mark the thread with a felt tip marker where the ends meet and stretch it out on a ruler.  Below are three charts – two metric charts, which are more precise, and one chart in inches – to help you determine your size.  We can do quarter and half sizes too.

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